The major September 2021 update is available

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The major September 2021 update is available

We seriously couldn’t be happier to announce the September 2021 update. New design - More features - Better than ever!

Here is an overview of the major innovations:

  • Design: We are now even more beautiful. Brighter & smarter. You will love it!. Everything looks different, but you’re sure to find your way around quickly, it’s that simple.

  • Prioritizations: You are in a hurry? Share it! So that everything is done in time. Here you can find the how to prioritize invoices :

    # How to: Prioritize an invoice

  • Manual correction: No more annoying separation. Everything in one window, with just a few clicks. The new features are explained briefly:

    1. After uploading, you can open the invoice, add (or change) values, save and then approve it directly. You no longer have to switch between “manual correction” and “my tasks”.
    2. We have improved the handling of the edit mode enormously. You can now easily click on the value on the invoice and select what it is. Please have a look at our how to

    # In correction: Manual postprocessing of documents

  • Notifications: Configure reminders or reports about open tasks easily by yourself. What’s new?
    New are the reports which you can have sent to you automatically.
    Example: Have an overview emailed to you every Wednesday with all the tasks that have been pending for more than 5 days. So long runners have no chance!
    Also new: Reminder 1 & 2 for invoices.
    Your user doesn’t want to be informed for every new task, but he should be alerted when tasks are waiting longer? No problem. Send the user a first reminder for every task that has been waiting for 4 days and a second reminder for every task that has been waiting for 7 days.
    The best thing about it: You can configure this setting for each user individually. Please have a look at our how to

    # Configuration of user notifications

  • Workflows: There will be even more options. No one has more. Everything can be configured! How about a 4-eyes principle? Make sure that each invoice is approved by more than one person with just one click.
    Also interesting: Workflows with conditions can now also go through multiple steps.

    # Configuration approval processes

  • User: There is also some news here: Combine users in a group, send activation links on your own or create your own roles. We have improved the user management. You can now see live which user has already successfully registered. Someone forgot to confirm his invitation and the validity is exceeded? No problem, you can now simply send a new invitation.
    What would workflows be without users? To simplify the management of workflows we have come up with something new: Now you can simply add multiple users to a group and refer to this group instead of individual users when configuring the workflow. If a new user is added, you can add him to the group. He will then automatically be considered for the approvals as well.
    Also new: Now create and manage your own individual user roles.
    In these guides you will find all the information you need:

    # Create an individual role
    # Add a New User
    # Configuration approval processes

  • Search function: Our SMACC search, which accompanies you on almost all pages, is now even better. Are you looking for the supplier or the last invoices from the supplier? Just find what you need.
    The full text search now finds even more. Looking for a value that was captured by OCR but is not part of the invoice data fields (for example, a customer number)? You will find what you are looking for!

  • User profile: Every user can now see in his profile which roles have been assigned to him, as well as the view permissions.