Updates Q3 2022

Updates in Q3

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Updates Q3 2022

Keyword driven automation

You don’t need complex configurations to get the best results. With our new feature we make high automation possible with just a few clicks.

Keywords take care of the tasks from now on and make working in SMACC even more efficient!

How does it work? It’s quite simple:

Just define which keywords belong to which cost center (works for some other values too). Example: If the name of an employee is in the recipient address, this gives information about the cost center. You can also key other values, for example name of a department, customer numbers, project names, whatever you need.

Add tasks to your approval processes

Add tasks to your approval processes. Define responsibilities. One user should approve and maintain the cost center information, another should take care of the G/L account. You can now assign tasks to each release step which fields need to be maintained